Gay club in south delhi

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  1. Gay club in south delhi
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  79. Thanks for being a part of the TripAdvisor travel community! Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Stay away from milk and uncooked dairy products, and choose raw fruits and vegetables you peel yourself.
  81. Take your time to peruse through our gallery to find more enticing and motivating works. Going Out Some GayDelhi Saturdays event venues are listed below. Enter a day spa haven where tradition meets modernity to revitalizes your mind, body and soul with an enriching experience.
  83. New Delhi Gay Saunas & Massage - Not only are there plenty of things to see and do in Delhi, there are many interesting cities in close proximity that are definately worth exploring.
  85. The Mister and Art House is one of a kind, and a revolutionary boutique hotel in India. We are India's first Gay friendly luxury Bed and Breakfast hotel in India for MEN ONLY. Located in the plush area of South Delhi, one of the plushest areas of the city - The Mister and Art House collects some of the best antiques and art, extremely rare and aesthetically pleasing to eyes. The house contains luxurious and very hi-end bedrooms that are super-stylish, extremely comfortable and contain some spectacular artworks. Unwind yourself at the luxurious boutique GAY FRIENDLY Hotel! A unique perspective The uniqueness of the guesthouse lies in customizing your stay according to your needs and making you as comfortable as possible. The intimate yet warm atmosphere of the house encourages you to relax, unwind and shun the clutter of the outside world. The collection of superb antique and art is a major add on to the whole ambiance. The super comfortable, artsy and out of the ordinary bedrooms of our guesthouse have some very antique architecture and provide ample impetus to cuddle, snuggle and sleep as comfortably as a baby. Our Art Gallery is a collection of rare, aesthetically pleasing and one-of-a kind Art collected from all over the world. We also exhibit a variety of exotic art and sculptures which are unique in every sense. These art pieces are supported by Indian sages who penned them down in age old scriptures. You will also find exotic sculptures, and a variety of other antiques. A Full-day sightseeing of the city One of the ancient cities of India, Delhi has a lot of heritage sites which you definitely are not to miss. This day tour takes you to all the historically important and relevant sites of Delhi, helping you enjoy the very crème-de-la-crème! A night with PinkTouch The magnanimously famous Delhi brags its cosmopolitan heritage. So, other than the beautifully illuminated structures in the night light, you can verily enjoy the much happening night-life of Delhi, which is the talk of India. Our guides will take you to the best MEN friendly bars in Delhi, where parties happen at a full-swing, gathering the members of our community who come there for much fun and frolic. Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Delhi 3 days-4 nights This triangle tour helps you cover the most important places of India: Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Bask in the glory of Indian heritage; enjoy the colors and royalty of this great country, lined with its colorful and cheery culture. Delhi-Varanasi-Agra-Jaipur-Udaipur-Delhi 7 nights — 8 days Stay in handpicked and extremely stylish MEN friendly destinations in India as you venture the northern side of it. We start our journey with Varanasi — the most ancient city of India which is acclaimed as the city of temples. Enjoy the hustle and bustle, soak yourself in the current of spirituality, take a skinny dip in the Ganges and then proceed to Agra, where lies the monument proclaiming the undying love of a King for his beloved. Taj Mahal, the striking art made in white marble is a signature of India to the rest of the world. After our stay in Agra, we proceed to Jaipur, then to Ajmer and Udaipur. Enjoy the desert moons, the stories of the vast expanse of sand and all the while enjoy a bit of tan which would lovingly go with your complexion. After out stay in the pithiest hotels, we return to Delhi where we end of beautiful journey. From the hustle and bustle of this ancient city, we would be off to the very provocative and ancient Khajuraho, whose age-old temples give tongue to the very popular Kamasutra by Sage Vatsayana. We then proceed to see the most exotic art piece of India, the Taj Mahal in Agra, stopping at Jhansi and Orccha, two other historically significant cities. Once we are done here, we proceed to Ranthambore to see those majestic tigers and finally proceed to Jaipur where we see the colors of India, all together. Delhi-Kovalam-Alleppey-Kumarakom-Periyar-Munnar-Kochi-Delhi 11 nights — 12 days When in vacation, do as the pleasure tells you to. Enjoy massages and spas that completely detoxify and nourish your very insides, rejuvenating you to join the mainstream fresh, light and happy! Delhi-Kochi-Alleppey-Kumarakom-Periyar-Madurai-Trichy-Thanjavur-Pondicherry-Mahabalipuram-Chennai-Delhi 15 nights-16days Take a trip of the majestic South India filled with breathtaking temples and age old architecture laid aside golden beaches that flaunt the best milieu. Fix up a date with the Venice of India, crank your necks to find the skies and the heads of the temples meet, enjoy the vast expanses of sea as calm as a river and wonder at the beautiful architecture carved in sandstone. A tour that would relax and rejuvenate you with traditional Ayurvedic massages and implore your spiritual consciousness, all in a very MEN way — here right at your disposal! Allow our travel expert to work out itineraries made specific to your requirements and desires. We value your idea and opinion. Also has an all-italian marble bathroom with top-end fittings, a rain shower and an in-room, stand alone jacuzzi. Minimum 3 nights stay applicable. Also has an all-italian marble bathroom with top-end fittings, a rain shower and an in-room, stand alone jacuzzi. Minimum 3 nights stay applicable. One would not ordinarily think going to Delhi would be the place for that, but it was just what I needed. Raj was waiting for me at the airport and escorted me to the hotel. The hotel is situated in a very quiet and safe neighborhood in the city and is truly a place where one can relax in complete comfort. In 2016 we spent February March and April driving through the south Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu then moved to the north east to Sikkim and West Bengal to end in the north west states of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. After 3 months on the road we needed a quiet place where we could relax and be worry free for a week. Very friendly staff and excellent meals I had a Friday evening dinner and weekend breakfasts - all catered to me. The room and bath were very comfortable - just as any 4-5 star hotel. A few things could have made it better - I never got to meet any of the other boarders over breakfast, and while there was a party going on Saturday night after hours, I was not invited. Either way, I had a very nice time. I arrived just prior to Holi, Raj and Sanjay arranged a great Holi celebration on the terrace, with a beautiful international crowd. The guest house is perfect, so mellow and peaceful, perfect hosts, perfect guests. Wonderful Indian cuisine, when I ate in. Raj picked me up from the airport as requested and was kind enough to stop at an ATM before we got there. He also was my escort for my Saturday evening tour of the Delhi night life and he did an excellent job. I had an amazing time at dinner and out at the club dancing. Gabriel Fisher, Washington DC, District of Columbia.
  86. At the corner which is closest to the Ashok Hotel Convention Hall entrance. We care spa offers you all the facilities what you might expect to have a good time in compliance with the strictest hygienic standardsso that you can enjoy Steam bath, Dry Sauna, shower, and you will also find a nice lounge, and a relaxation room. You might not do so well on the gay club scene in Goa, but there's plenty to do and see, wonderful beaches, great people to glad and loads of places to dance the night away if you don't mind some straight people sharing the floor too. See your doctor at least a month before you go to ensure your vaccinations are up to date. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by solo them offensive. Getting gay club in south delhi Virtually every major air carrier offers regular service to Delhi, but the trip is a long haul from North America, so choose gay club in south delhi airline carefully. Cruising in New Delhi, DelhiNew Delhi Delhi cruising map with gay areas and spots where to practice Cruising in an sincere way Preview If you are gay and you want to practise cruising in public places in New Delhi in an anonymous way, here you can find spots such as beaches, parks, forests and other spaces next to urban areas, as well as every kind of public toilets and solo areas of highways where you can practise cruising in New Delhi, Delhi. Enjoy massages and spas that completely detoxify and nourish your very insides, rejuvenating you to join the mainstream fresh, light and happy. The best way to get around New Delhi is by rickshaw or tuk-tuk motorized rickshaw. I am a hiroshima slave, 23 years old, slim and smooth, looking for a master to dominate me. Unwind yourself at the luxurious boutique GAY FRIENDLY Hotel. The monthly e-zine is another resource for queer news and events, and a discussion platform for LGBT issues, in India and beyond.

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